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Conference & NonViolent Action Planning

Federal Building, Syracuse, NY - April 16, 2001 - Last update: 03/22/06

This page contains both detailed planning and attendee  information for  a peaceful action which will call for Congressional hearings into Civil Rights legislation to protect the parent/child relationship.  In addition to this event, planned for the afternoon of Monday, April 16th, we are also planning a conference to discuss ideas associated with Federal Civil Rights protection.  For complete details, check here.

 People who have signed up for different roles.
Name/Email Web Site Volunteer Roles
Mary August   Supporter, Spokesperson
Steve Bigge    
Mary Chancellor www.AKidsRight.Org AKidsRight Spokesperson
John Denny
Lisa Duffus   Walker, Supporter
Mark Edgerton Financial
Kelley Graham
Mike Hargett   Presentation, Spokesperson
Malcolm Hatfield, M.D. Financial, Spokesperson
Jim LaBrosse   Supporter, Spokesperson
Daniel Lee  
Andrew McDonald Conference
John Murtari www.AKidsRight.Org Walker, Supporter
Leslie Reasonover   Walker,  Supporter
(can't attend)
Kristina Sawyckyj Spokesperson
David Shackleton Presentation
Marci Webber Spokesperson
Mark Williams   Walker, Supporter
Woodrow Willow   Financial